We can bring expertise and value to any show or event.

Need Us To Make a Personal or Podcast Appearance?

  • Need an expert on your podcast show who can speak on behalf of homeschoolers?
  • Need a presenter to come to your venue and talk about homeschooling?
  • Need someone who can talk to parents and is able to sympathize and encourage them to pursue the adventurous endeavor of homeschooling?

Homeschool Life can provide many parents with the tools and guidance they desperately need to overcome the hurdles of homeschooling and free themselves of the controversy associated with compulsory education.  We have the expertise, experience and access to the successful templates that can bring peace of mind to many families worldwide.

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We can deliver a first class discussion and/or presentation that will leave your audience satisfied with the knowledge, wisdom, creativity, and innovative solutions that we bring.  Be prepared to have the minds of your audience blown.

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